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International Show-Events

Chairman / Directors
Tom & Domino Blue 

Purpose of the committee are charity concerts at the highest artistic level and the promotion and teaching of young gifted artists from the fields of percussion, designing special effects show, singing, dancing and show design.

There is also the chance to participate in the ensemble of Tom & Domino Blue at live performances.


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Tom & Domino Blue are the Creative and production force behind the productions of „drumatical theatre“ and Domino Blue@the blue moon experience.

Domino is a gifted actress, dancer and singer, with many years of classical voice training to her credit. She is a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory of Music, she was a member of the Vienna Opera Ensemble for four years, and has recorded under the direction of Herbert von Karajan and performed under the art direction of Franco Zefirelli. Whether or not she performs herself in the productions, she dictates the highest artistic and performance standards of herself and of her performers.

Domino Blue, with her musical fantasy language, melodies World and arrangements, costum design for her productions, percussion shows & lighting effects, acrobats and dancers - has created together with Tom Blue's Drumatical theater the trademark "domino blue @ the blue moon experience"; Domino is charming with her shows principal, audience and fans from around the world.

Aquaria - Composition, Arrangement, costumes, Choreography, cencept, special effects: Sound-& Light-Design, Art Director: Tom & Domino Blue .
2013 in Bournemouth International Center (BIC), United Kingdom


Tom Blue on the other hand is a
visionary composer, arranger, producer and director, with many years of experience in Austria and internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in biology and he knows how to put people in true enthusiasm with the adventurous effects he uses. 

Members of this ensemble are musicians of the classical music szene as well as musicians from the rock and pop disciplins, ballett dancer of famous opera houses, actors, singers and famous acrobats like Andrey Koltsov, La Vision Gallery, Tanja & Frida Company, Viktor Kee and many others.


Tom Blue & Domino are booked worldwide for mega-events & Art, adventure and sport activities (New York Guggenheim Museum, New York Symphony Space Theatre (95th / Broadway), Air Challenge08, TV Opening nord Ski World championship 99; Opera of Sense - Noisia, Champions League : Finals Athens opening, time show helped (800 mill viewers.), Kunsthalle Vienna, Cairo: open air; Netherlands: Rabobank open air; Klagenfurt Stadium show, Red Bull GTM Trophy, Pro 7 Big Picture, Abu Dhabi, UAE Anniveraries; fire flower @ MQ Vienna; Night Race Schladming Heineken: Thirst Night, Cairo, Dubai World Cup: Horse Race, Aquaria, euro-opening; 2009-2010 Aquaria @ scalaria 09; jersey - 5th Element; Doha WTA Finals 09; Dubai - Cavalli show, etc.) along with many other international events

With more than 380 shows per year (as of 2013) - tendency rising - this successful duo is one of the most booked ensembles on the international level. The productions of Tom & Domino Blue benefit greatly from the multi dimensional Artistic Direction of these two gifted artists, working in synergy. 

Tom & Domino Blue are charter members of Lions Club Wien MozART und Executive Professors at the Online Academy for Classical Music & More; they promote as active members the humanitarian projects of the club. 

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